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Taking action to improve the migrant and refugee entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa

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With the support of JPMorgan, Bridge for Billions is launching the Conecta Migrants & Refugees program. This is an opportunity for Entrepreneur Support Organizations’ (ESOs) leaders from South Africa to be part of a community of leaders working together towards the incubation of an inclusive, resilient and cohesive migrant and refugee entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How does Conecta Migrants & Refugees work?

South Africa’s migrants’ entrepreneurial ecosystem is full of potential. Conecta Migrants & Refugees aims to create, mentor and support a resilient community of ESO’s leaders committed to make a change through our proven methodology, allowing them to join forces, overcome challenges and multiply their impact.

This program has been designed specifically for ESOs. Each ESO involved will acquire the tools and knowledge to fundraise and launch incubation programs supporting up to 35 migrant or refugee entrepreneurs. The final goal is to challenge the current structure, creating synergies and partnerships that lead to a more inclusive, equitable and efficient entrepreneurship ecosystem able to drive further local economic development.

Benefits for ESOs

Be part of a community of leaders, committed in creating the next generation of entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Learn and test inclusive incubation methodologies.

Share best practices with other ESOs’s leaders and staff.

Enhance your fundraising capacity and reach larger donors with the support of our team.

Access training, expert workshops, perks and ecosystem events.

Improve your impact assessment and reporting systems.

Be part of a community able to influence the policymaking process at local and national level.

Create a long lasting impact in more than 900 entrepreneurs


  • You are the leader of a legally registered Entrepreneurship Support Organization (ESO).
  • Ideally with + 2 years of operations in South Africa.
  • Ability and experience to attract and recruit entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Have experience or willing to start working with Migrants and/or Refugees.
  • Be able to operate in Italy (Lombardy, Lazio and/or Campania regions), Spain, South Africa (Johannesburg & Cape Town)
  • Can dedicate time and resources to the program. This means either:
    • A leader able to commit to the community and its mission and be involved with other key actors in the ecosystem in events and training.
    • An incubation manager that can co-manage an incubation program for entrepreneurs with the support of Bridge (About 40% of their time)
    • A business developer that collaborates with Bridge for Billions and the rest of their peers in joint fundraising strategies and execution (approximately 15% of their time)

Why take part?

Creating resilient Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESO)

The program aims at enhancing the capacity-building of our ESOs by diversifying their fundraising ability, improving their operations, quality of their programs and outreach, and developing strategic partnerships with organisations supporting migrant or refugee entrepreneurs.

Better serving early-stage entrepreneurs

Based on Bridge for Billions’ methodologies, the program will support early-stage migrant or refugee entrepreneurs so they can develop their venture. This builds a resilient network of migrant entrepreneurs and mentors in the region, tackles stereotypes and becomes a source of inspiration.

Building a functional ecosystem

We, as a community of people, will establish a connected and sustainable ecosystem capable of influencing public policy at local, regional and national levels, and changing mindsets among private mainstream actors such as investors, event organisers and entrepreneurship media, while also ensuring the support of migrant or refugee entrepreneurs’ businesses.


Launch of application process
6th of June
Info sessions
(Remember to book them in Zoom + add registration)

21st of June 11am CAT

ESO’s Directors Interviews Process
Ends 30 August 2023
Welcome Events
(Directors’ event & Bootcamp)
9th -13th October

Frequently asked questions.

This is an opportunity for Entrepreneur Support Organizations’ (ESOs) leaders from Italy, Spain and South Africa to be part of a community of leaders working together towards an inclusive, resilient and cohesive migrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The program is fully funded in the first year, and mostly funded for the second and third years. Therefore, as part of the program, ESOs and Bridge for Billions will develop a joint-fundraising strategy to cover the remaining costs. This will also ensure the sustainability of the program beyond 3 years.

  1. Helping ESOs become more resilient. Each organisation will deliver 3 incubation support programs in the country over the 3 years. The program involves 5/3 ESOs in South Africa.
  2. Support for migrants. Each ESO will be incubating and supporting up to 35 migrant entrepreneurs per year, over the duration of 3 years.
  3. A functional ecosystem. The goal is to establish a connected, scalable and sustainable ecosystem.
  1. You’ll get support with financial planning and growth development for your ESO, while undertaking joint-fundraising efforts.

  2. You’ll be an active part of a community of like-minded people, who seek to actively contribute to the development of the migrant entrepreneur ecosystem, share knowledge and best practices and generate national and regional linkages.

  3. You’ll gain insights from the Bridge for Billions methodologies, incubation programs and extensive global community of mentors, investors, and resources.

Each incubation program for migrant entrepreneurs (taking place once per year) will last up to 4-6 months.

Do you have any questions that we haven't answered yet?

Contact Ngata, Incubation Manager of Conecta Migrants & Refugees South Africa program to solve all your doubts.

Conecta is an initiative led by Bridge for Billions that seeks to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide through the training of incubators and the support of industry leaders.

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