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Taking action to improve the migrant and refugee entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa

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With the support of JPMorgan, Bridge for Billions is launching the Conecta Migrants & Refugees program. This is an opportunity for Entrepreneur Support Organizations’ (ESOs) leaders from South Africa to be part of a community of leaders working together towards the incubation of an inclusive, resilient and cohesive migrant and refugee entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How does Conecta Migrants & Refugees work?

South Africa’s migrants’ entrepreneurial ecosystem is full of potential. Conecta Migrants & Refugees aims to create, mentor and support a resilient community of ESO’s leaders committed to make a change through our proven methodology, allowing them to join forces, overcome challenges and multiply their impact.

This program has been designed specifically for ESOs. Each ESO involved will acquire the tools and knowledge to fundraise and launch incubation programs supporting up to 35 migrant or refugee entrepreneurs. The final goal is to challenge the current structure, creating synergies and partnerships that lead to a more inclusive, equitable and efficient entrepreneurship ecosystem able to drive further local economic development.

Why Partner with Us?

Direct Impact

Your partnership helps provide critical resources and mentorship to emerging entrepreneurs, directly influencing their success and contributing to community development.

Systemic Change

By joining forces with us, you actively contribute to shaping an ecosystem that values diversity, fosters collaboration, and promotes sustainable economic growth.

Shared Vision

Align with a network of passionate Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) committed to driving innovation and inclusivity in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Take the Step

Embark on a transformative journey. Let’s collaborate to create opportunities, inspire innovation, and build a future where entrepreneurship is accessible to all.

Connect with us to learn more About Partnership Opportunities.

Meet the Conecta M&R community in South Africa

The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town

The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (SCCT) views migration as a chance to foster development and reduce poverty in the Western Cape, focusing on the integration of migrants, refugees, and South Africans. SCCT provides specialized services to these groups, concentrating on four main areas: paralegal advice, advocacy and research, development and integration, and well-being and welfare.

Our mission

Creating resilient Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESO)

The program aims at enhancing the capacity-building of our ESOs by diversifying their fundraising ability, improving their operations, quality of their programs and outreach, and developing strategic partnerships with organisations supporting migrant or refugee entrepreneurs.

Better serving early-stage entrepreneurs

Based on Bridge for Billions’ methodologies, the program will support early-stage migrant or refugee entrepreneurs so they can develop their venture. This builds a resilient network of migrant entrepreneurs and mentors in the region, tackles stereotypes and becomes a source of inspiration.

Building a functional ecosystem

We, as a community of people, will establish a connected and sustainable ecosystem capable of influencing public policy at local, regional and national levels, and changing mindsets among private mainstream actors such as investors, event organisers and entrepreneurship media, while also ensuring the support of migrant or refugee entrepreneurs’ businesses.

How do we do it?

1.We empower organizations

Our empowerment program trains participating organizations in 4 essential areas: enhanced support for incubating entrepreneurs, fostering partnerships and leadership in the ecosystem, influencing public affairs for greater impact, and achieving financial sustainability for your ESO.

2. Innovative Incubation

The Conecta M&R community in South Afrcia has launched an incubation program starting in mid-January. Find out more about how we support migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in the early stages of their projects at:

3.Ecosystem Change

We are focusing on generating change in 4 main areas: changing the narrative about migrants and refugees, providing better access to information and opportunities, improving M&R social capital, and creating a collaborative glocal community. We are looking for partners to collaborate in these areas. If you are interested, please reach out to us.

Our events

Do you have any questions that we haven't answered yet?

Contact Ngata, Program Director of Conecta Migrants & Refugees to solve all your doubts.

Conecta is an initiative led by Bridge for Billions that seeks to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide through the training of incubators and the support of industry leaders.

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